Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April 5, 2009, Bloomfield Science Museum

Dear Friends,

We are happy to invite you to a special session celebrating 300 years to Ma'ase Tuviyah, by Tuviyah Cohen (1652-1729), part of the Israeli Society for the History and Philosophy of Sciences (ISHPS) annual meeting to be held at
Bloomfield Science Museum - Jerusalem on
Sunday April 5, 2009: 11h to 12h30 - the "Pharmacy" room

On the program:

Shmuel Kottek (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Tuviya Cohen (1652-1729): An Introduction
Nimrod Zinger (Ben Gurion University of the Neguev): "Uvekahalam al tahed kvodi..." (Gn 49 6): TC and the Medical Marketplace at the Beginning of Modern Time
Helena Paavilainen (Hadassa Medical School): TC's Pardes ha-rimmonim - "Tree Herbal"
Etienne Lepicard (Independant Scholar): First Reception of Maasse Tuviyah (1708): An Esthetic Analysis

The session will be partly in English and partly in Hebrew